Q. Can we choose our own books?
A. We have a set list, and we accept input from any member for future meetings.

Q. Is the monthly fee all inclusive?
A. Yes. It includes the Audio Book (yours to keep), the meeting place, a light continental breakfast, a binder, facilitation materials, an agenda, and trained facilitator.

Q. What is the length of the audio books?
A. The average is about three-four hours.

Q. Are the group meetings an undirected conversation?
A. No. They have a set agenda and questions are sent to each member three weeks ahead of the meeting. In addition, each group gives the members homework.

Q. What is the average group size?
A. The groups range from six to fifteen members.

Q. Can you “opt out” or quit the group without penalty?
A. Yes. However, once the audio is sent, you will be billed. You must “opt out” within two days of your last group meeting.

Q. Can I buy my own book to read?
A. Yes.  The price is then $21.

Q. Who joins an Audio Group?
A. Basically, anyone in the business world. We have small business owners, bankers, dentists, attorneys, financial planners, middle managers, business coaches, and consultants. Any small business owner or corporate manager who wants to move forward in his/her profession and learn from great authors and other businesspeople.

Q. Where do the groups meet?
A. Usually a centrally located area for easy access for all members. We meet mostly at company conference rooms or coffee shops.